The beach "Cala Violina" recently has been classified as one of the most beautiful and inviolate beaches all over Italy. It is about 3km airline distance from 'Il Cerro Sughero'. It's name 'Cala Violina' derives from the violinesk sound that naked feet produce on it's very white and fine sand.

At 'Cala Violina' you may rent canoes to explore small nearby bays that lack land access.
Enhusiasts of sophisticated beach life will enjoy the well equipped beaches at Puntone (2km), Punta Ala (5km), Follonica (5km), Le Rocchette (10km)

The entire area was settled already in ancient times by the Etruscans and later by the Romans. Today you can visit archeological excavation sites that witness the presence of these ancient cultures. In the neighbourhood of Scarlino there are Etruscan as well as Roman excavations: the Etruscan gravesite "VAL MOLINO" and the Roman Villa at Puntone.

Also the world immersed in the sea holds archeological treasures of big importance: Many trading ships, transporting all kinds of goods, stopped at the ancient harbour of scabris portus, today PUNTONE DI SCARLINO.

But not only the seaside merits exploration, as well the inland is worth your attention: macchia-covered hillsides and magical medieval villages and small towns as Scarlino, Massa Marittima, Velutonia, Monte Pescali and others invite you to delightful excursions. We do indeed live in an region where nature, archeology, art and history blend to a very beautiful cocktail.

In about 30km distance you find the thermal springs of Sassetta, an intact place with pools of hot and healthy water - a perfect opportunity for a relaxed wellness day!